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Night School offers evening classes in the arts and humanities, online, and open to all curious adults! We started with one class in summer of 2020, built to two classes and two reading groups in the fall, and are now slated to offer five classes and two reading groups in our Winter 2021 session. These classes are donation-based to make them financially accessible to…

We once studied critiques of capitalism as part of our university education, as one way of analyzing the world in which we lived. We later studied critiques of capitalism out of personal desperation and mutual need. We once studied theories of care in the classroom. We later studied as a way of caring, in coffee shops and bars, in text messages and shared song links. We once went to the university because we believed in a life of shared study. We still believe in study as a way of life, but we no longer believe in the university. The university…

We admit that our title is a bit disingenuous. There is certainly no “the” single problem with higher education. The problems are myriad: the university is exclusionary; it reproduces already existing class structures; at best it maintains social inequity and at worst exacerbates it through predation and exploitation (McMillan Cottom). The university is full of hypocrisy. Students are rarely given the opportunity to study, yet they are also not afforded the rights of workers (Bousquet). Administrative bloat dams up resources, leaving actual educators with the smallest trickle. Even those who are there teaching critical analyses of the structures of…

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Night classes in the arts & humanities for curious adults. Out of Durham, NC. Online for now.

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